In response to the current global health crisis, we are introducing a series of new online procedures and services designed to give you and your family complete peace of mind and security by staying with us.

Professional deep cleaning

Cleaning is one of the aspects that we must never neglect in our tourist apartments. Keeping the accommodation in good hygienic and sanitary conditions is key to taking care of the guests, making them feel comfortable, comfortable and safe.

Our apartments are always cleaned to the highest standards and great care is taken in preparing the property for your stay, they will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before each stay.

OP-8 ozono
OP-8 ozono
BLUE 20M 01
BLUE 20M 01

The chosen property will be thoroughly cleaned, with all appliances and surfaces disinfected, manually on accessories and small surfaces with direct radiation disinfection equipment by photocatalysis (UV) and with ozone devices in general. The first people to enter the apartment after it has been sealed will be your family.
All linens and towels provided on the property are professionally washed at 60C. However, as an additional service, you will have the option to request new bedding and towels for your stay, at an additional cost. Or to save costs, you can bring your own bedding and towels.
Hydro-alcoholic hand sanitizer gels will be available at the SitgesSeafront Apartments.

Online registration (Chek-in Online)

Now, you can check-in for all guests online.
We will send you by whatsapp or email a form that you must fill out and send.
In this way, we can now offer you a contactless experience from the moment you arrive in Sitges, until the moment you leave the apartment.
When you arrive, you will only be given the keys to the apartment, previously disinfected.

Virtual Attention Service for guests.

We want to maintain our spirit of always being available to our guests face-to-face to ensure that their stay with us runs as smoothly and pleasantly as possible, but without creating the need for unnecessary personal contact.
In addition to our 24-hour helpline, our new Virtual Support team will be available during office hours by WhtasApp, FaceTime, Video Call or other applications, to answer any questions you may have or to organize any service you want. during their stay.
You will be able to consult the “Video Tutorial of uses and services” of each apartment.

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